Keys If You Please Piano Studio Piano Lessons for Stanwood, Camano Island & Surrounding Areas

You Simply CAN Play the Piano...with Simply Music®!


Keys if You Please is a certified Simply Music® piano studio offering lessons in the Stanwood/Camano and surrounding area. Simply Music is a remarkable, Australian-developed piano method that offers an entirely new and far more natural approach to learning piano. It focuses on the sheer delight of playing music and employs a unique "learn by doing" system that is easily understood by children, adults and seniors alike.

While temporarily delaying the reading process, Simply Music allows students to play more quickly, naturally and easily than traditional methods. This breakthrough method opens musical doors for everyone, enabling them to play a huge variety of music including contemporary, classical, blues, jazz and accompaniment, as well as developing skills in composing, improvising and arranging right from their first lessons!

After building a repertoire of 30 to 40 pieces, students move quite naturally into learning to read music. Music theory then becomes logical and practical rather than a cumbersome hurdle preventing musical self-expression. 

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About Lessons with Certified Simply Music Teacher, Gail Johnson



S.G.:  “I enjoy practicing piano and going to lessons for the first time in my life…I have tried beginning piano many times.  Gail is patient and gives constructive, positive instruction on ways to be successful.  She provides a comfortable, fun setting for adult learners.”

V.B.:  “Gail is so good with the kids…lessons have been wonderful!  She is understanding and patient.  If something seems hard, she doesn’t stop or get upset, she just finds another way to explain it.”

N.P.:  “I was so excited to start piano and have not lost my joy in finally being able to play!  Gail is so encouraging.”

N.C.:  “My daughter is always engaged and loves to practice as it is very rewarding to be able to play songs immediately.  Gail is passionate about piano and Simply Music, and very patient and kind with her students.”

I have enjoyed music my entire life, beginning piano lessons at age 6 and continuing through age 18.  Receiving further musical training at Western Washington University and the NW Conservatory of Music, I have been teaching piano for over 20 years in both private and group settings.  Becoming a certified Simply Music teacher seven years ago, has enhanced my passion of awakening the joy of musical self-expression in others.  

I currently offer classes for children through senior adults.  Lessons are offered in a small group setting, that is easy, playful and fun.  The dynamic group environment accelerates musical learning by allowing multiple types of learning through both observation and experience.  The variety, physicality and group dynamics are engaging and fun for students, dramatically increasing students’ attention and engagement.

Although most lessons are small shared or group classes, private and “in-your-home” lessons are available on a limited basis for special circumstances (increased rates/mileage allowances apply).  Simply Music’s multi-sensory hands-on approach, with its distinct ability to distill elements into simple manageable pieces, is also producing great benefits for special needs students.


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